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The Random 5…Danielle Young Edition

*looks at calendar* Welcome to September, Hipsters! I can’t believe it is already September 7th…where did the summer go? And how has it been…uh…two months since I last posted something here? *blush* So much going on in life, that time just slips by so fast! I had a customer at the day job tell me “When we’re little, time goes so slow and we long to be older. As we get older, the days go fast and faster until we long to be young again.” Wow…right? And so true!


Anyway…I’m not here to talk about growing older faster…I don’t think…am I? Wait…no…I’m not! I’m here because I’m part of the “Guided Book Tour” featuring friend of The Book Hipster, Danielle Young’s book GUIDED! And guess what? I’m the FIRST STOP!!!


Oooooh...Danielle makes the best graphics for these tours!

Oooooh…Danielle makes the best graphics for these tours!


GUIDED is the debut novel by Danielle Young (you may also know her as the awesome lady from Consuming Worlds!). It is also Book 1 of the JADE RING SERIES…Danielle is currently working on Book 2!


Clicky link for GUIDED: AMAZON


Love the cover! I may have done a cover reveal post for this book as well...he he he...

Love the cover! I may have done a cover reveal post for this book as well…he he he…


What good is a cover if you don’t know a little bit more about it, right?


GUIDED (The Jade Ring Series book 1)
by: Danielle Young
Genre: YA Paranormal
Release Date: July 15, 2014

Book Blurb~
Jo is a descendant from the most powerful Wiccan family the world has ever known and is destined to be more powerful than those before her.

But she doesn’t even know it. As her powers awaken Jo discovers a threat to her family line.

Protected by her best friends, and GUIDED by her Angel protector, Jo must learn to harness her powers and discover her family secrets before time runs out.

More than her life hangs in the balance.


Just so you know…I have read this…and it is great! I’ve been bad and haven’t written a review yet, but Danielle knows I LOVE it! I even got to read some of it before it was even published…I may or may not have been mentioned in the acknowledgements…


See? Told you! (ps...I'm not Lou, although, she is cool too!)

See? Told you! (ps…I’m not Lou, although, she is cool too!)


If you’d like to learn MORE about Danielle, you can find her on her Website , Twitter , Facebook and Goodreads.


As an added bonus…there is a GIVEAWAY!!!

Danielle is giving away 1-Signed Paperback Copy of Guided {US only}
and 1-$10 Amazon Gift Card {US and INTL}

Click RIGHT HERE and enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway!


and now…The Random 5…Danielle Young Edition!





My very own Random 5… I am so honored and excited to answer these questions. Giddy in fact. Thanks for all the help and support Stephanie you are so awesome! HIPSTER NOTE: Awwwww…Danielle, you’re pretty awesome too! *wipes tear from eye*
1. Okay, we have to get the big question out of the way first…Benedict Cumberbatch or Jensen Ackles?


The decision of all decisions...I know. You do know Benny is my #FakeBBCBoyfriend , right? I guess I'll share on my nights out with Jensen. ;-)

The decision of all decisions…I know. You do know Benny is my #FakeBBCBoyfriend , right? I guess I’ll share on my nights out with Jensen. 😉


As much as I like Jensen Ackles I am going to have to go with Benedict Cumberbatch. You’ve seen him. You know. He’s… he’s… well there are no words to describe him so I will just let you use your imagination. Just promise to keep it nice.


2. As a prolific baker/culinary genius…if you could pick one meal (including dessert!) to represent your life, what would it be? Why?

*looks around the room* Prolific baker? Culinary genius? Me? *laughs hysterically and falls to the floor*

Oh wait, you’re serious. Aww, it is so awesome that you think that, but I promise you that I am neither of those things. I’m just obsessed that’s all.

Back to the question. Are you serious right now? You want me, a foodie, to give you the one meal that would represent my life? *glares at you* You are evil you know that? There could be no harder question for me. But because I like you, a lot, I will give it a try.

*cracks knuckles* Let’s do this. The one meal that would represent me.

First course: Chips and salsa. And not just any salsa, I would want salsa from Chili’s. Every meal should start with chips and salsa. I have lived in the Southwest for most of my life and one of my go to snacks has always been chips and salsa. I could eat gallons of the stuff. Seriously, that stuff is like crack.


Just for you...Chili's Chips and Salsa! You can have as much as you'd like...I'm sadly picky when it comes to salsa. Can't remember if I like theirs or not.

Just for you…Chili’s Chips and Salsa! You can have as much as you’d like…I’m sadly picky when it comes to salsa. Can’t remember if I like theirs or not.


Second course: Peanut Butter and Jelly mixed together in a bowl with a little bit of syrup or honey. Don’t look at me like that. With that look that says I am totally off my rocker. Okay, yes I may be slightly off my rocker, but have you ever tried to mix those things together? No. Then no judging. As a kid this was my favorite snack. We never had much money, but we always had peanut butter and jelly. Plus it was one of my dad’s favorite treats. Something that we could share together. Something that I now share with my kids. HIPSTER NOTE: No crazy looks from me…nope. I may or may not have made pancakes before and put pb&j on them…possibly with syrup…maybe.


Third course: My mom’s mashed potatoes. A huge plate of them. I don’t know what it was about my mom’s mashed potatoes but she made the best mashed potatoes ever. I kid you not. Her mashed potatoes were the talk of everyone who tried them and to this day I have never made mashed potatoes like my mom’s. Don’t get me wrong I make some damn good mashed potatoes, if I do say so myself, but they aren’t my mom’s. I’m starting to think she put crack in them.


Fourth course: What you thought this would be a smaller meal? Psh, no. Pasta. No particular kind, I just love pasta. I love to eat it and I love to cook it. It’s easy, simple, and can pack a powerful punch to the palette. I cook a lot of pasta for my family for those very reasons.


Love me some pasta, too. Mmmmmm...this looks tasty!

Love me some pasta, too. Mmmmmm…this looks tasty!


Fifth course: Chocolate. No this does not count as dessert. Call it a snack if you will. I could not operate without chocolate. Honestly. It’s what keeps me from ripping the heads off of people. True story.


Mr. Stinson agrees...

Mr. Stinson agrees…


Sixth course: Dessert… oh yea. For this one I would eat a cupcake. I have been obsessed with creating cupcakes for the past couple of years. It reflects a lot of who I am. I’m tiny, but powerful. I’m sweet, easy to handle (get your mind out of the gutter), and I make people smile. I know I always smile when I eat a cupcake.


I can see the similarity... *shakes head no* (BTW, Danielle actually made these cupcakes...Peanut Butter Cupcakes w/Chocolate Buttercream!)

I can see the similarity… *shakes head no* (BTW, Danielle actually made these cupcakes…Peanut Butter Cupcakes w/Chocolate Buttercream!)


Now take that meal add them all together top it off with a giant Mountain Dew and you get my life. Crazy. Unpredictable. Fulfilling. And if you didn’t already know Mountain Dew is my life blood.


This should be enough to get you

This should be enough to get you through…today…right? *skips away giggling*


3. I know we share a love of the movie PITCH PERFECT. Can you do the “Cups” song? (that sounds a little dirty, doesn’t it?)

Hehe, well when you put it that way it does. Of course I can. Who do you think taught Anna Kendrick all she knows. *falls over laughing* Sorry, I couldn’t resist. To answer your question I can sing the song and do, every time I hear it on the radio or watch the movie. But I have never actually tried to play the cup, but now I sort of feel like I need to. *stares at my cup of Mountain Dew* Nah, I would rather just drink from it.

Can you do the “Cups” song? *stares at you*

HIPSTER NOTE: I, like you, can sing it…love singing it. I’m less than proficient at the actual cup part…ha ha ha! However, Kidlet and I did spend some time on YouTube and may have practiced with a tutorial for quite a while.


In case you have no clue what we’re talking about…



4. You find yourself transported back to high school (I know…I know…) and you are allowed an extra elective class that you haven’t already taken before. What class do you take? Why?

What, you mean I’m not in high school? Oh wait that’s right, I’m not actually in high school, I just teach it. I guess you could say I never left. Hehe.

Okay okay, seriously. If I could go back I would take a culinary class. But if I were being realistic it would be called Home Ec. Maybe then I could discover my love of cooking sooner and go to culinary school.


5. Why have you not read OUTLANDER? He he he…



One of the coolest books EVER! And you will also easily add another book boyfriend to your list…JAMIE!


Um… um… “Hey it’s Benedict Cumberbatch!” *runs while you aren’t looking*



Oooooh…you tricked me on that last one!


Well, there you have it, Hipsters! Danielle Young…and her Random 5!


I feel terrible I’m not blogging a lot…I’m gonna try to fix that. Even if it is a small post here and there, okay?


In the meantime…a bonus Cups Video for you!


7 comments on “The Random 5…Danielle Young Edition

  1. y311er
    September 7, 2014

    Love this Stephanie! You are so amazing. I always love your posts. Thanks for kicking off the tour with a bang ❤

    • The Book Hipster
      September 7, 2014

      I had great material to work with, my dear. Can’t wait to see the posts from the rest of the tour…THANK YOU for letting me start it off! ❤

  2. So – 2 things here.

    1 – I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON TO EAT PB & SYRUP/HONEY AS A SNACK?!?! (never thought to add the jelly though, hmmm) Holy cow. I about fell over when I saw that. I had a spoonful of pb and some honey like 2 days ago.

    2 – We cannot be friends anymore until you read/listen to Outlander. (If you do audio books I HIGHLY recommend that) *unfollows you on Twitter*

    • Danielle @ Consuming Worlds
      September 8, 2014

      Okay Laura I will make you a deal, you try your peanut butter and honey with jelly and I will read Outlander? Deal?

      I promise it is on my list to read, Stephanie has been trying to get me to read it too. So I guess this means I really need to read it.

      • The Book Hipster
        September 8, 2014

        Yes…you REALLY need to read it! He he he…

  3. Alicia
    September 9, 2014

    I love Mrs. Young and I want a paperback copy of her book!

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