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#46 – Mid-Week Blues-Buster: Too Late

This is my entry into The Tsuruoka Files Mid-Week Blues-Buster Challenge – Week 46

Check out the prompt and other entries HERE.


Too Late
by Stephanie Fuller

Lit by a single, dim street light, Michael held Rose’s broken body in his hands. Weeping. Waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Praying they would make it in time. Time to save her. To hopefully undo what he had done. He whispered quietly to her, knowing she may or may not be able to hear him, “I’m so sorry. So, so sorry. I love you. I do love you. Please don’t leave me.” He heard a siren in the distance as a small crowd gathered.

It was three years ago. They had met and fallen madly in love – a whirlwind romance. Rose was all he could think about. She meant everything to him and he knew that he was everything to her, too. After only four months, they ran away and were married. Together, they were able to afford a small apartment in one of the buildings on the outskirts of town. It was not the best area, but while they worked for something better, they had each other and nothing was going to change that.

Then he met Margo. He had been out with some friends, drinking. She was at the bar as well. There was something about her – her curves, her eyes, her smile – it all drew him in. He couldn’t control himself from wanting her. It was quite obvious to Michael that Margo wanted him, in return. It started with her phone number on a napkin and it spiraled from there.

Michael didn’t want to hurt Rose or worse – lose her. He wanted to be happy with her in the life that they had already built for themselves. Rose had even hinted that she wanted to start a family. Margo, however, would pop up at random when in the mood for a little fun. He knew Margo didn’t really care about him or his life with Rose. She only cared about herself. She was dangerous and next time they met up, he told her she needed to stop contacting him. He hoped it would be enough and that it wouldn’t be too late.

A few days after his last encounter with Margo, he had caught Rose staring at him. This wouldn’t have bothered him, but it wasn’t with her normal love-filled eyes. It was cold. Confused. Questioning. Something was bothering her, but he didn’t know what. He decided to take her out for dinner and a movie – one of their favorite date night activities. Maybe that would help her mood.

During dinner, Rose was quiet. They decided to walk to the theater because it was only a few blocks away. As they walked down an alleyway, Rose tugged on Michael’s hand to stop him. “Who’s Margo?”

Michael froze, his heart pounding at that name coming from Rose’s lips. “Margo?”

She nodded. “Yes. Someone named Margo called your phone while you were in the shower the other day. I didn’t answer it, but saw the name on the caller ID. Who is she?”

He stammered. “She…well…she is a woman I…I met.”

“You met? Did you…meet her often?” A single tear fell from one of Rose’s wide eyes.

Michael reached out to wipe the tear from her face. “Yes. We met a few times. I’m sorry. I promise, it is over. For good.”

Rose pulled away and started walking fast toward the main road. “I…I…can’t be here right now.” Before she reached the end of the alleyway, she turned to him, eyes filled with tears. “I thought you loved me.”

That next step would be her last.

As the ambulance arrived, techs ran to Michael and Rose, pulling her body from his grip. A police car pulled in behind and the officers approached the driver of the car to ask him questions about what had happened. Onlookers could see the driver waving his arms, and hear him yelling, “I didn’t hit her on purpose. She ran out into the street. I didn’t see her until it was too late…ask anyone here!”

Michael sat alone on the sidewalk whispering to himself, “I do love you. I’m so sorry.”

690 words


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Mid-Week Blues-Buster Challenge Winner

Mid-Week Blues-Buster Challenge Winner

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