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#43 – Mid-Week Blues-Buster: Blue-Green Eyes

This is my entry into The Tsuruoka Files Mid-Week Blues-Buster Challenge – Week 43

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Blue-Green Eyes
by Stephanie Fuller

Jacob and Julie had been friends for about a year. They were practically inseparable. He was either at her apartment, or she at his. Watching television. Talking. Laughing. Being friends.

The only time they were apart was when they were working, or going on the occasional date. They’d get together and commiserate at how the dating pool wasn’t up to snuff these days. Jacob would never admit it out loud, but he knew deep down that he loved Julie and everything about her. He loved the way she sighed when Captain VonTrapp and Maria danced together during THE SOUND OF MUSIC. How she smiled when she’d open her apartment door to find him standing there. Her giggle when he would tell a corny joke. Her blue-green eyes that always seemed to sparkle. He loved it all. Jacob couldn’t find a single girl he had gone out with that had ever compared to her. During dates, he’d find himself thinking about Julie. Missing her. Wondering if she ever felt the same about him.

Tonight was different. Julie’s date hadn’t gone well. The guy completely blew her off. She waited two hours at the restaurant and he never showed. She sent Jacob a text as she was leaving the restaurant. By the time she arrived at Jacob’s apartment, he could tell she had been crying. Her blue-green eyes, red, from tears continually being wiped away by a hand. Smile, gone, replaced by slightly quivering and frowning lips. Seeing her like this brought out an anger in Jacob that he never knew he could feel. Instead of running out and throttling this guy until he begged for mercy, he took Julie’s coat and bag, and hugged her tight. Tighter than he probably ever had before.

“Before you say anything, maybe you should go take a hot shower? I’m sure it will make you feel better. I’ll get out some comfy stuff that you can change into, okay?” Jacob motioned toward his bedroom and Julie nodded. He grabbed some sweats and a tee out of his dresser. “Here. I’ll be out in the living room.”

He turned to walk away, but Julie grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “Wait, Jacob. Please.” She wrapped her arms around him and placed her head on his chest. “Thank you. I don’t know how I’d get through my crazy life without you. Don’t ever leave. Okay?” She looked up, a weak smile gracing her lips.

“I won’t leave. I promise.” He leaned down and gently kissed her forehead.

Julie looked at Jacob, her blue-green eyes confused. “I’m…I’m sorry…I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t know what came over me.”

“It’s okay. Really. I guess after the day I had, I needed it.” Julie stood on the balls of her feet and kissed Jacob on the cheek, lips lingering a few extra seconds.

Jacob’s hands smoothed Julie’s hair a little and he heard a small sigh escape her. “A kiss for a kiss, huh? Maybe another?”

Julie nodded. “I’d like that. In fact, I’d like more than one, maybe.”

“Maybe? You don’t sound too sure. How about we try one kiss and go from there?” Jacob wagged his eyebrows and Julie giggled. He leaned down just as she reached up and their lips met. They fit perfectly together as if made for each other. One kiss became two, and two became three.

Breaking away for a moment, Julie smiled, her blue-green eyes sparkling. “I think maybe I should go take that shower, now.”

A grin broke out on Jacob’s face. “Have I ever mentioned that my shower is big enough for two?”


The sun peeked through the blinds of Jacob’s bedroom reminding him it was morning. He opened his eyes to see that he hadn’t been dreaming. Curled up next to him was Julie, sleeping peacefully, one arm draped over him, with a beautiful smile across her face.

652 words


2 comments on “#43 – Mid-Week Blues-Buster: Blue-Green Eyes

  1. Lou Hands
    January 10, 2014

    Oooo… I like this. Can I have some more? Please? 😉
    Seriously though, it’s good, I like it! 🙂

    • The Book Hipster
      January 11, 2014

      There would have been…uh…more…but I had a 700 word limit. 😉

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Mid-Week Blues-Buster Challenge Winner

Mid-Week Blues-Buster Challenge Winner

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