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ALL THE POSTS! (Not so Secret Santa: Author / Blogger Exchange)

Author Blogger Exchange Final Graphic

Hey there!

Just wanted to make you an easily accessible list of all the posts from our first ever Not so Secret Santa! I hope if you haven’t already read them all, that you visit them and learn more about a new author and their books…as well as about some of the other book bloggers out there!

December 18 – Relaxed Reads / Christina Esdon

December 19 – The Book Hipster / Brandy Dorsch

December 20 – Book Groupies / M.R. Merrick

December 21 – Consuming Worlds / Michelle Congdon

December 22 – Drifting Traveller / Helen Boswell

December 23 – Consuming Worlds / Jess Haines

December 24 – The Book Hipster / S.M. Boyce


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steven's lunatics


Mid-Week Blues-Buster Challenge Winner

Mid-Week Blues-Buster Challenge Winner

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