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Not so Secret Santa: Author / Blogger Exchange – S.M.Boyce

Merry Christmas Eve, Hipsters!

Today, I’m bringing you yet another (click HERE to read my other one, from December 19th) of my world famous “The Random 5…” interviews as part of our (Danielle @ Consuming Worlds and Mine) Not so Secret Santa: Author / Blogger Exchange!

Author Blogger Exchange Final Graphic

Today’s guest: S.M. Boyce!

S.M. Boyce was nominated by a blogger to recognized and shared with the world (okay, my followers and anyone else who catches this blog from another person linking it.) and I’m so excited to get to share her with you! Part of the Not so Secret Santa Exchange was to pair a blogger up with an author they were not familiar with, so I get to meet a new friend out of this, too!

If you’d like to learn MORE about S.M. Boyce, you can find her on her WebsiteTwitter , Facebook , and Goodreads. Check out her books on AMAZON  and BARNES & NOBLE.

Normally, I’d make “The Random 5…” all about regular, random things. This is a special Christmas Edition, so all my questions are Holiday based…so enjoy!


1. In the Holiday Twilight Zone, you can only hear one Christmas song for the whole holiday season, what song would it be?

Be careful what you the Christmas Twilight Zone...Mwhahahaha!

Be careful what you choose…in the Holiday Twilight Zone…Mwhahahaha!

Definitely Christmas Eve Sarajevo by the Trans Siberian Orchestra. If Santa rocked out while he delivered presents, he would listen to this. All. Night. Long. Here’s a recording, done live in 2012. The riffs get a little ridiculous at the end, and there’s some strange auto-focusing going on, but the rest attests to how great this orchestra is live.

The song plays to my love of cinematic music, guitar riffs, and epic compilations. When I write, I almost always listen to cinematic music by artists like E. S. Posthumus and Two Steps from Hell. That kind of music just gets me going and sparks my creative juices!

2. What do you want to find under your Christmas Tree this year? (And no…World Peace is not an option)

Well… so my husband and I kind of cheated and gave each other our presents in early December. We’re impatient. So I would have wanted a Nintendo 3DS with Pokémon X and Animal Crossing. Because I’m easily entertained.

Please tell me you got this one...please??? It is totes adorbs! (yes, I said totes makes me laugh)

Please tell me you got this one…please??? It is totes adorbs! (yes, I said totes adorbs…it makes me laugh)

3. Do you own an “Ugly” Holiday sweater (if you do, I may or may not need photographic proof…ha!)?

Haha no, actually, I don’t! It’s kind of amazing that I’ve managed to avoid ending up with one, now that I think of it.

In lieu of photographic proof, then, I present you with this, the ugliest Christmas sweater the internet has to offer. Well, at least in the Google links I was willing to click. The Madonna-style, bell-adorned chest plate is what synched it for me, personally.

Oh…my…word…I just…wow…

4. What is your best childhood Christmas memory?

That’s quite a jump from ugly sweaters, but I’m game. Let’s see… happiest holiday memory was sitting around the Christmas tree in Texas when I was maybe 12. My whole family was there—three generations, cousins, the works. We were swapping gifts, laughing, and watching everyone try to open my brother’s gifts, since he’d wrapped them all in duct tape. Yeah, we got him back for that one the next year.

A Duct Tape Wreath...I so want cool!

A Duct Tape Wreath…I so want this…so cool!

5. Fruit cake: Yes or No?

Ehhh. No.
Fruit? Awesome. Cake? Delicious. Fruit cake? Not a chance. Something went very wrong in making that recipe.

Fruit...good. Cake...good. I think this is a fruit cake I can get behind. ;-)

Fruit…good. Cake…good. I think this is a fruit cake I can get behind. 😉


Well, Hipsters, S.M. Boyce has proven to me that she is awesome…and has totally made a new fan in me!

Today is the last you have to enter the giveaway for our Not so Secret Santa Exchange, we’re raffling off two $10 Amazon Gift Cards…so you can pick up a couple new books! Or…you know…whatever…


Good luck, kids!

Have a Merry Christmas, Hipsters! *blows kisses*

From me, to you, Hipsters. xoxo

From me, to you, Hipsters. xoxo


5 comments on “Not so Secret Santa: Author / Blogger Exchange – S.M.Boyce

  1. S. M. Boyce
    December 24, 2013

    This was tons of fun. Thanks for your great questions!

  2. S. M. Boyce
    December 24, 2013

    This was tons of fun! Thanks so much for having me.

    • The Book Hipster
      December 25, 2013

      I’m glad you had a good time! I had a lot of fun, too! Maybe we can work together again soon.

  3. Jeri Baird
    December 24, 2013

    Fun holiday interview!

    • The Book Hipster
      December 25, 2013

      Thanks! I had a lot of fun thinking up some holiday themed questions for my guests!

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