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Schedule of Festivities…

Author Blogger Exchange Final Graphic

Hipsters, this is copied/pasted from Danielle @ Consuming Worlds …with her permission…he he he!


Hello all you awesome readers, authors and bloggers! This week marks the start of the very first Author/Blogger Exchange where you get the chance to meet some great authors that you may not know!!!

Thank you to all those bloggers that signed up and a huge thank you to all the awesome authors that agreed to participate.

*Everyday a different blogger will host an author that they do not know and spotlight them in some way. We have some great posts coming to you so make sure you stop by each blog and meet that day’s featured author.

So here’s the line up…….


December 18th- Lou at Relaxed Reads featuring author Christina Esdon
December 19th- Stephanie at The Book Hipster featuring author Brandy Dorsch
December 20th- Megan at Book Groupies featuring author M.R. Merrick
December 21st- Danielle at Consuming Worlds featuring author Michelle Congdon
December 22nd- Amrita at Drifting Traveller featuring author Helen Boswell
December 23rd- Danielle at Consuming Worlds featuring author Jess Haines
December 24th- Stephanie at The Book Hipster featuring author S.M. Boyce
Won’t you join us for some blogging fun?

Hope you decide to join us each and every day! I’ll be posting links on the Hipster FB Page and Twitter (and my personal accounts) when they are available! Don’t forget there is a Giveaway, too!

The Book Hipster (Stephanie)

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Mid-Week Blues-Buster Challenge Winner

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