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Hey there, Hipsters!

I’m sorry I haven’t been around the last few weeks or so. Life’s been kind of weird and random including me getting into a minor (I didn’t get hurt, but my Jeep did) accident. Kidlet started school and turned eight…and the holiday season is looming near…yikes! I’m gonna try to blog more reviews, more Random 5 interviews (if I can think of questions for some victims), and maybe some random Book Hipster Life posts, okay? Keep tuned in. I’ll miss you otherwise. 😉

Wrote a new review for a book I read back in May. I also revealed the cover here on the blog back in August…yay! SONGS FROM THE PHENOMENAL NOTHING by Steven Luna (or Luna as I prefer to call him)

I love it! is phenomenal!

I love it! Seriously…it is phenomenal!



When you were eighteen, did you feel like you didn’t belong? That your parents just didn’t understand you and what you wanted to do in your life? That maybe the family joke was true and you really were “the milkman’s son/daughter”? Think about it. I think everyone felt that way, even just a little bit. It’s a right of life. When we meet Tyler Mills, this is how he feels about his dad, and his so called life in SONGS FROM THE PHENOMENAL NOTHING by Steven Luna.

In a departure from his JOE VAMPIRE series, Steven Luna throws us a curve ball and nails it out of the park (yes, I know it is physically impossible for someone to throw a ball and hit it…ha!). A story of music, secrets, family, rebellion, and self discovery. SONGS FROM THE PHENOMENAL NOTHING had me from Chapter One and made me want to keep reading until the end.

After losing his mother, Tyler Mills feels a disconnect from his father. So much that he decides to go on a journey based on information he found in his mother’s belongings. Tyler’s journey brings him into all sorts of new life experiences and he meets some interesting people along the way. Tyler learns more about himself than he expects and it is a phenomenal thing.

Mr. Luna allowed me to read SONGS FROM THE PHENOMENAL NOTHING before it’s release, as I am a fan of his previous works. This book is a great first step in showing the world that he is more than just an author of a “vampire book”. His characters have heart and you feel a connection with them that make you want to know more about them.

This story touched my heart and I think it will touch yours, too


I’m sure you all are going to go buy it now, right? *stares down Hipsters* Right? Trust me, you won’t regret it. And I’m not just saying that. Luna doesn’t pay me much to say these nice things…ha ha ha…I’m kidding…he doesn’t pay me anything because they are all true. So, go get it!

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