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Book Review: A SLIVER OF HOPE by Karla J. Nellenbach

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Instead of trying to force my brain to work on a new book review on my day off, I decided to post one I wrote a while ago that is not yet on this site…either way, it is a book you definitely want to read! Plus, girl is originally from my hometown area…Michigan Represent!

Now, I was one of the handful that got to do a cover reveal for this book a while ago, so it may look familiar. A SLIVER OF HOPE by Karla Nellenbach is on plate for today, so here you go…

Oddly enough, since then, I've run across another book with the exact same cover (well, not exactly the same, but close enough). I was so confused I had to ask Karla about it...stock photo FTW!

Oddly enough, since then, I’ve run across another book with the exact same cover (well, not exactly the same, but close enough). I was so confused I had to ask Karla about it…stock photo FTW! I still really like the cover.


A SLIVER OF HOPE by Karla J. Nellenbach

Do you have a heart? Yes? What about working tear ducts? Yes? Do you like to read? Yes? Good! You came to the right place!

A SLIVER OF HOPE by Karla Nellenbach is a story that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. It starts with April Fool’s Day…identical twin sisters, Hope and Hannah Morton’s favorite time of year. Pranks are their favorite thing to do. After a handful of pages, though, you realize this isn’t your normal April Fool’s Day and everyone’s world comes crashing down. We see all of this from the eyes of Hannah, in the form of her journal. I like a traditional story telling method, but I absolutely love when a book gets the story across to the reader using a non-traditional method…like a blog format, or in this case, a private journal. It feels like you are seeing a side of someone’s personal life that you normally wouldn’t see. Nellenbach puts so much feeling and soul into Hannah’s journal entries I couldn’t help but feel what she was: Shock, Sadness, Numbness, Anger, Loss, Confusion…and Love. It makes you wonder if Nellenbach just found someone’s real journal and copied it…it is just that good!

I had the honor of reading A SLIVER OF HOPE prior to its release. I had read Nellenbach’s other novel, ALWAYS AND FOREVER, on a recommendation from a friend. Upon hearing how much I loved it, I was asked if I’d be interested in reading this one. In past experience, if I love one book by an author, I’m more than likely going to like more of their work. This was no exception! And I never turn down a good book! Another cool thing I found out is the author is from my hometown area, which makes it even cooler and I can tell others she is a “hometown chic”. Ha!

As if from a page of my own personal journal, I’m telling you…go get a copy of A SLIVER OF HOPE. Make sure you have some tissues for your tears and sniffly nose. Maybe a box of chocolates to make you feel better. And enjoy the ups and downs of this ride. It will be totally worth it.


You’re gonna go read it now, right? 😉

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