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#30 – Mid-Week Blues-Buster: On a Day Like Today

This is my entry into The Tsuruoka Files Mid-Week Blues-Buster Challenge – Week 30

Check out the prompt and other entries HERE.


On a Day Like Today
by Stephanie Fuller

On a day like today, I could get lost in the blue sky and puffy clouds.

On a day like today, I can hear the birds singing their favorite songs.

On a day like today, the world feels right.

I decided a trip to my favorite park bench for some reading was in order. When I arrived, I opened my bright blue messenger bag, pulled out an apple, and a book purchased the day before. The sun shone down on me and my favorite park bench. I was happy.

As I opened my book, I happened to hear a quiet sniffle. I didn’t think anything of it until I heard another. And then another. Peeking over my book, I saw you.

Your face was stained with tears, and your eyes were as red as a brand new fire truck. In one hand, you held a phone. In the other, some tissues that have gone past the point of even being useful anymore. I saw you sniffle again as you looked at your phone, shaking your head as more tears fell.

While I had no idea what was wrong, my heart was breaking for you. Whatever was on that phone had made you feel this way. I wanted to do something, but didn’t know what to do, so I pretended to read my book and steal looks over the top at you instead.

I wanted to hug you.

I wanted to hurt whomever had hurt you.

I wanted to make you happy.

Instead, I sat: Watching. Waiting. Worried. All for someone I’d never met, would never meet again, and probably would never have met had it not been for this beautiful day outside. Obviously, the heavens wanted me to be here for you.

The tension I had created in my own mind was killing me slowly. I decided to not be a bystander anymore. I grabbed my bright blue messenger bag and dug around until I found what I was looking for. Stuffed my uneaten apple and unread book back into the bag and stood.

As I sat next to you, I grabbed the phone from your hand and handed you the clean tissues unearthed from my bag. I weakly smiled. “Hi.”

You looked at me as if you were hearing that word for the first time, not knowing its true meaning. Taking the tissues, you nodded. “Hi.”

Never has one word been so overused.

Never has one word meant so little.

Never has one word meant so much.

We sat in silence as you tried to gain your composure. I snuck a peek at your phone and saw a picture of a handsome man. I feel a twinge in my soul. I can only imagine what he did to you. “Is he really worth these tears?”

Nodding, you speak. “Yes. I love him so much and I thought he loved me. I was wrong. He loves someone else instead.” A new wave of tears burst from their dam.

Trying to find the right words to calm you, I put my hand on your knee.“This probably won’t mean much from me, but I’m sorry.”

A giggle escaped your mouth as you wrapped your arms around me in a hug. “You have no reason to be sorry. You didn’t make me cry. He did. Thank you.”

On a day like today, two simple words made a difference.

On a day like today, the hug of a stranger felt like the world.

On a day like today, I was meant to meet you.

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Mid-Week Blues-Buster Challenge Winner

Mid-Week Blues-Buster Challenge Winner

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