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The Random 5…Christina Esdon Edition

*taps the microphone*

Is this thing still working? Sheesh…I’ve been a bad blog host and haven’t posted in a while. I apologize (life…she gets in the way sometimes, right?).

Anyway…I’ve had this specific “Random 5…” interview brewing for quite some time. As you know, I like to make questions different for each awesome person I feature. I also try to detail each person’s questions based on things I know about them (or would like to know more about). And this person is one of my favorite gals in the whole wide world…and come to find out, she and I grew up not more than an hour away from each other! My favourite Canadian gal…Christina Esdon!

Look at how PRETTY she is...sooooo pretty!!!

Look at how PRETTY she is…sooooo pretty!!!

I met Christina on Twitter through good old Freeman and Luna, and we instantly hit it off (if I remember correctly…my memory ain’t what she used to be…ha!). And…last year, she was the driving force behind ORANGE KAREN: TRIBUTE TO A WARRIOR…her name is on the front cover and everything! If she hadn’t loved my LITTLE ORANGE DRESS story, I couldn’t say I was published today, so yay!!!

Orange Karen: Tribute to a Warrior - Cover by Kip Ayers

Orange Karen: Tribute to a Warrior – Cover by Kip Ayers

Recently, Ms. Esdon released her first novel WORK IN PROGRESS! I’ve read it and it is fantastic! I was planning on getting my review written by now, but, well…I’m a slacker. *blush* I’ll get to it…promise! And I’ll post it here on the blog!



I will say this about the novel. I read most of it while walking on a treadmill and there are a few…um…spicy scenes…that made me almost fall off the treadmill. I got easily…um…distracted…if you get my drift. That’s all I’m saying. Until my review is written, anyway. Ha!

If you’d like to learn MORE about Christina, you can find her on her Website , Twitter , Facebook and Goodreads. Check out her book WORK IN PROGRESS on AMAZON (available in eBook or Paperback) and BARNES & NOBLE (available for Nook and Paperback). Also, check out ORANGE KAREN: TRIBUTE TO A WARRIOR on AMAZON (Remember that 100% of the proceeds go towards Karen’s medical bills if you purchase the Anthology).

In all seriousness, though, Christina is an amazing woman. I’m happy to say that she is my friend…I feel very fortunate having her in my life.

Okay, mushy stuff over…on with the show!

The Random 5…Christina Esdon Edition!


Hey Hipster! Thanks for having me over on your blog. I’m a long time reader and now a first-time contributor. I can’t believe I’m here answering your Random 5 and that I’ll be up on your blog with the likes of Steven Luna and Jesse James Freeman. I feel like I’m in the big leagues now… (Hipster note: I totally didn’t expect her to say hi to me…I’m all blushy that she is playing along with my “Random 5” blog post. She even gave me pictures to go along with her answers…THIS is why we are friends!)

1- If you could perform in one musical on Broadway, which one would you choose and which character would you be? And who would be your leading man (if there is one)?

One? I have to choose one?! Well, my number one choice would have to be to play the title role in The Drowsy Chaperone. I saw a community theater performance of it last year and have been obsessed with it ever since. Beth Leavel’s Broadway performance of The Drowsy Chaperone is one of my favorite YouTube videos to watch when I’m feeling blue.

The Drowsy Chaperone’s male counterpoint is Adolpho. Their number together is full of physical comedy and quirky chemistry.

In terms of whom I feel would play my Adolpho? Nathan Fillion, of course.

Remember this'll be seeing it again later. *sigh*

Remember this face…you’ll be seeing it again later. *sigh*

2- When I first “met” you, there was a lot of talk about Kale Chips. What else can you do with Kale that I might be surprised about?

Yeah...still not seeing it. Why do you like these again?

Yeah…still not seeing it. Why do you like these again?

Kale is my absolute favorite vegetable. I loooove making kale chips. They keep my hands out of bags of chips and satisfy my need for something crunchy to eat. Kale chips are a bit crumbly, but you can put whatever spice you want on them and they’re quite tasty.

Check out my favorite kale chip recipe here:

In terms of other things you can do with kale?

  • Instead of the traditional fig leaf, kale leaves could substitute to cover the David’s “bits and pieces” when he goes out into public.
Who needs a fig leaf when you've got kale? (Christina gave me this picture...isn't is awesome?)

Who needs a fig leaf when you’ve got kale? (Christina gave me this picture…isn’t is awesome?)

  • Kale is great sautéed with fresh garlic and ginger
  • How about a smoothie with kale in it? Don’t curl up your lip in disgust just yet (Hipster note: How did she know I was curling up my lip…whoa!) – this smoothie is pretty tasty. You can’t even taste the kale and you get such great nutrients with kale in your smoothie – lots of protein, magnesium, Vitamin K…all kinds of good stuff! You could also add Greek yogurt and/or protein powder as well, if you’d like. This is a good recipe to start with:
Is there Kale in there? Yes? I'll pass...

Is there Kale in there? Yes? I’ll pass…

3- If one would want to take a perfect bubble bath, what would one need?
Candle light, flowy curtains blowing in the gentle breeze, soft music, Epsom salts, lots and lots of bubbles (I like Ombra bubble bath – especially Hops & Bergamot ).

Now if I only had a hot man to greet me after my tub to wrap me in a soft bath robe and rub my feet, then I would be all set!

( Christina Caption Note: I don’t normally like to share my bathtub, but I’d consider it for Bradley Cooper. I mean, look at him…he’s already in there. It would be impolite of me to kick him out. )'d seem a waste of water to take two baths...I'll be right in Mr. Cooper!

Um…well…it’d seem a waste of water to take two baths…

4- What is the one movie in your collection that some *cough*JesseJamesFreeman*cough* would be surprised to know that you own?
I don’t think anything surprises Jesse James Freeman. Though he may be impressed that I have Season 1 and 2 of Sherlock on DVD. have DVDs of my #FakeBBCBoyfriend!!! I'm so proud of you!!!

Squeeee…you have DVDs of my #FakeBBCBoyfriend!!! I’m so proud of you!!!

I just haven’t watched it yet. I’m busy watching LOST for the first time. I totally get points from JJF for watching LOST though. Seriously, I’m so hooked on that show. I never thought I would like it, and now I think about it all the time. (Hipster Note: He has also tried talking me into LOST, but I am still watching Supernatural.)

The other thing that surprised me about my TV watching was that I watched all of Twin Peaks this year and loved it. I never thought I would like a sci-fi – type show. Blame it on Netflix. Binge TV watching never felt so good…

5- Booth or Castle?
Book Hipster, why you making a girl choose between two Swoonerific men? I mean, seriously dude, could YOU choose between these two???

Actually, if I'm being honest, Christina...I'm a Castle girl, myself. You can keep Booth...he he he... (Christina gave me this picture...she is awesome!)

Actually, if I’m being honest, Christina…I’m a Castle girl, myself. You can keep Booth…he he he… (Christina gave me this picture…she is awesome!)

I mean, on one hand, Nathan Fillion is Canadian. And his character Castle is witty and handsome and a successful writer. He’s funny, generous…and did I mention handsome? But Booth is strong and steadfast. He’s a protector and although he can be dark and broody, it just makes him hotter.

Please excuse me while I take a break for a big gulp of cold water…

My decision? I choose both. It’s my fantasy, so there. Plus, I’m an only child. I’ve got that whole “cake and eat it too” thing down to a science. Wink (Hipster Note: I guess you win…you can have both…just keep your hands off my Benny Cumberbatch!)


Romance that’s flirty, fun, and full of heart…

Christina Esdon is a hopeless romantic and dreamer extraordinaire.
She loves to see the world through rose-colored glasses (literally) and has the uncanny ability to find humor and joy in the small things in life.
When not writing, she can be found frolicking along the shores of Lake Huron, taking notoriously long bubble baths, or contemplating the next renovation or DIY project at her Ontario, Canada home.


I hope you got to know a little bit more aboot my friend Christina. She’s pretty awesome…and has great taste in…well, she has great taste! I still have to try the Kale Chips for myself.  😉

Later, Hipsters! Hopefully, I’ll be posting more often here now. My one year anniversary is coming up fast and I still don’t have any plans…hmmm…until then, make sure you are following my everyday antics over on my FB Page or my Twitter account.

Until next time…


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