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Book Review: THE BIG BOOK OF DUMB WHITE HUSBAND by Benjamin Wallace

It’s Friday, and I know I’ve been neglecting the blog for a month…sorry about that! It has been crazy in The Book Hipster household and I haven’t had time to do much of anything! I’m going to try and get back on the blogging train and today post another of my “old school” book reviews. This one I read and wrote back in October of 2012 (so, so long ago, I know…). It was a book by the first Independent Author that I met on Twitter…Benjamin Wallace!

When  I originally read this, it was titled DUMB WHITE HUSBAND for PRESIDENT & OTHER STORIES, but was later renamed THE BIG BOOK OF DUMB WHITE HUSBAND. I think either works…enjoy the review and go read the book…you’ll enjoy it! Have a good weekend, Hipsters! 🙂

I think Ben's DWH covers are pretty self explanatory, right?

I think Ben’s DWH covers are pretty self explanatory, right?


THE BIG BOOK OF DUMB WHITE HUSBAND (formally DUMB WHITE HUSBAND for PRESIDENT & other stories) by Benjamin Wallace

Benjamin Wallace is back with another installment of his “Dumb White Husband” series. This time he’s taking on something so big it cannot be contained in a short story…President! Ok, it isn’t the President of the United States, but still…we’re talking life changing here. President of the HOA!

Now, I’m an apartment dweller, so I have my own “management” issues, however time and time again I’ve heard friends complain about the HOA and their strange rules and regulations. It just seems weird to me to be buying a house (which isn’t cheap!) and paying HOA fees, yet you have to follow certain rules or risk being fined. Wanna wait an extra day to mow your front lawn cause you have a cold? Bam! Fee cause your lawn is too long! Decide to paint your house bright blue to show your current love of all things Doctor Who? Bam! Fee because it isn’t a “neutral” color! That is what this Novella is all about…

The story revolves around John Matthews who takes great pride in his lawn care. Everyone else in the neighborhood has their lawns professionally done, but John does all his own lawn work. It is the one thing that relaxes him. Then he meets a new neighbor, Austin, and from there lawn care leads to Presidential elections. Don’t want to give too much away, but some of our favorite “Dumb White Husband” friends from other stories show up and band with John to help him in his quest for Presidential supremacy.

Mr. Wallace manages to poke fun, I’m guessing even at his own expense sometimes, at the little things that make us human. I’m sure that even you just seeing the title “Dumb White Husband” you started laughing at someone that popped into your mind. 😉

Along with “Dumb White Husband for President”, you get four previously released short stories…Dumb White Husband vs The Grocery Store, Dumb White Husband vs Halloween, Dumb White Husband vs Santa and Dumb White Husband vs The Tooth Fairy. I’ve read all of those except `vs The Tooth Fairy’ and have loved them each one! Go get “Dumb White Husband for President”…right now…for the price of one story, you are getting not only the main attraction (which is quite appropriate for this time of year… *snicker*), but four other enjoyable add ons!


To Purchase:

Amazon Kindle

Author Information:

Website – Dumb White Husband

Website – Benjamin Wallace Books




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