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Book Review: BILLY PURGATORY: I AM THE DEVIL BIRD by Jesse James Freeman

—Going to try something new to add to the blog, and hope that it works out the way I would like. Posting book reviews. In the past, I’ve not written reviews of everything I’ve read, so maybe this will help me be better about that. For now, I’ve got a handful of reviews already written sitting on Amazon and will copy those reviews until I’ve posted them all. Then, will attempt to write new reviews as I read the books and post them here, as well as on my regular sites for posting. I’ll try to make this a weekly post, as a way to “jump start” your weekend reading, okay? Okay!

Looking at all the reviews previously written, I thought it best to start with one of my favorites. If you’ve read my blog even once, you shouldn’t be surprised in what I’ve chosen to start us off. It is a book that sits at #2 on my all-time favorite books list (I really should write a review for my #1 book, so ya’ll can actually see why I love it so much).—

CAUTION: May cause moments of actual feelings...and stuff.

CAUTION: May cause moments of actual feelings…and stuff.



“Billy Purgatory: I Am the Devil Bird” in one word…BADASS. You can’t see it, but both my hands are throwing up devil horns right now. It feels appropriate to do it with that word. I’m sorry…what? A one word review isn’t enough for you? Alright…fine.

This book combines all sorts of crazy and off the wall stuff all in one book. We’ve got vampires (no sparkles), zombies (not the walking kind), mythological peeps (think snakes) and one ring (er…boy) to rule them all.

Billy Purgatory isn’t your everyday kid. Not even close. Armed with his skateboard and badass (see, told you it was a great word to use to describe this book!) attitude, we start the book out with Billy’s memory as a 10 year old kid. And he meets a girl. *sigh* And just like Billy, she is nowhere near normal. And this will not be the first time they meet. *sigh*

Along the way, we learn more about Billy. The story is about him, after all. Time gets all wibbly-wobbly for me while reading this, as the author (Jesse James Freeman) has left a lot of age/place type information for your own minds to decide. I’m not complaining, though. It works. I’m just weird like that. During Billy’s life, he meets a few other people who are important to his journey. I’d go more into detail, but then you wouldn’t read it, would you?

Mr. Freemen is absolutely amazing at describing, well, everything. Amazing! So many times I felt like I was right there along with Billy. Like I could smell the zombie…hear the rain…this man is good. Real good. I found myself gasping a few times. And…he even made me cry once…or twice. Maybe. Also, he gives you the single most badass birth scene you’ll ever encounter..think “Kill Bill”…no joke!

My favorite books are the ones that keeps me up late reading, multiple nights in a row, until my eyes cannot stay open any more, trying to push through “one more chapter”. LOVE! So…if you haven’t figured it out yet…go read this book. Now. Do not pass go. Do not collect free pizza. Enjoy the badassery! Me? Now I have to wait for Billy to return…


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2 comments on “Book Review: BILLY PURGATORY: I AM THE DEVIL BIRD by Jesse James Freeman

  1. averythorne
    March 7, 2013

    Badass is good. I’ve always liked badass characters, am currently writing a novel about a few on my blog. I’ll check this book out. It sounds neat.

    • The Book Hipster
      March 7, 2013

      averythorne, this is a great book! There is also a 2nd one BILLY PURGATORY AND THE CURSE OF THE SATANIC FIVE as a follow up.

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