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The Random 5…Ben Wallace Edition

Howdy, Hipsters! *waves*

Welcome to another “The Random 5…”, a spot in which I sit down with writers (or people I deem awesome enough to interview) and ask them five random questions.

Today’s guest…Benjamin Wallace!!!

Oops…wrong Ben Wallace…damn Google!

Ben (@BenMWallace) is a Twitter friend that I’ve known for at least a year now. Probably more, I think? I don’t know. I’m horrible with Twitterversaries. I always know approximates. Anyway…I’ve “known” him for a long time. In fact, after careful review of my “followers” and “following” lists…he is the very first indie author that I was friends with on Twitter!!! No clue how that happened. Truth. AND Mr. Wallace was the man who introduced me to one of my favorite peeps…Steven Luna (yes…this is how I met Mr. Luna…it is all Ben’s fault! Blame him!). Let’s just say, I had once told Ben what he thought was an…um…interesting story (me, eh…notsomuch, but it was hilarious to get a reaction from it)…well, upon introduction to Luna, I had to recount said story… *shakes head*

I love the “favorite” feature on Twitter. I get to relive so many funny things that my memory just can’t, well, remember. Ha!

My life hasn’t been the same since…obviously…you are reading this blog. 😉

Ben is the author of the DUMB WHITE HUSBAND series. Each DWH story that I’ve read has left me in stitches because I totally know that somewhere, someone probably has done exactly what he wrote. Or it is something I could see Mr. Book Hipster doing (shhhh…don’t tell him that though!). He has also penned POST-APOCALYPTIC NOMADIC WARRIORS, TORTUGAS RISING, and PILGRIM (A SHORT STORY). Also in the mix, is a guide for indie authors GIVING THE BIRD. Over the six-ish (maybe more) months, Ben has been writing an installment novel THE BULLETPROOF ADVENTURES OF DAMIAN STOCKWELL which you could only get by signing up for his newsletter. If I’m not mistaken, the last installment is complete and if you sign up for the newsletter on his site you can gain access to the whole book for FREE!

Also, speaking of FREE…PILGRIM (A SHORT STORY) is FREE for Thanksgiving! You can only get it now until the end of the day Thursday…gobble it up while you can! *shakes head giggling at the horrible joke she just made*

As if knowing Ben wasn’t enough, his awesome wife Patty (@MonkPAWcreative) is someone I love to talk to as well. She is super talented too. And in a way, they create a book together. Ben writes the insides and Patty creates the outside! Check out some of her work here. I’m telling you, when I write my book, I’ll more than likely be giving her a call…er…Tweet.  😉

If you’d like to learn MORE about Ben, you can find him on his WEBSITE , TWITTER , FACEBOOK , and GOODREADS. To check out any of Ben’s works, you can go to his author page on AMAZON.COM and pick from there.

And now…the best part…The Random 5…Ben Wallace Edition!


1- What is your favorite word? Why this particular word? How often do you use it?


I love this word because it’s a mystery to me why it was needed in the first place. That we needed a word to define the act of throwing someone out a window leads me to believe that long ago it happened a lot more often than it does now. I picture cowboys walking down muddy street talking about cowboy stuff (like horses, boots and whiskey) and a man suddenly being ejected from a saloon right in front of them. They pause, shake their and just say in unison, “defenestration” as a matter of fact before stepping around the sot and continuing on their way to buy spurs or something. If that happened today it would be the event of our day, we’d turn and say, “Dude, that dude just got thrown out of that window. Let’s go buy some spurs.”

I’ve never used it. But, I can’t wait to.

Dude…I think this proves you did…obviously after you answered this question. Ha!

2- You are a man that loves all things gadgets and gizmos…which piece of spectacular technology do you own right now that is your favorite and you couldn’t live without?

I used to be simple. I resisted the smart phone for years. Now I’d get all fidgety without it and probably start to scratch at my skin. I’d be edgy as well and short tempered. If someone asked me if I received their email I’d probably say, “No. Duh.” Then I would defenestrate them. (HIPSTER NOTE: I see what you did there)

Lately I’ve been using my iPhone to control music in my home with the Sonos system. It’s a wireless sound system that works with routers and streaming music. So, basically, a stereo.

I can hook my phone up to this, right?

3- If you could only eat one type of “Little Debbie” snack cake for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?

Marshmallow Supremes. There’s no contest.

Is that what you were eating in this picture? You know…the picture in which you taunted me with your delicious Little Debbie goodness? *runs away crying*

Swiss Cake Rolls were a strong contender until they didn’t have marshmallow in them. When I was a kid the only time we bought any kind of cakes or cookies besides those lame Oreo want-to-be Hydrox (and never the chocolate, what’s with that Mom?) was when we went camping. Every now and then we got Pinwheels and they were delicious. But they’re still expensive and Marshmallow Supremes are essentially the same things at a better price. So I guess it’s really about the nostalgia. And the marshmallow.

If you had this guy, I bet you’d never run out of marshmallow…like…ever.

4- Born in Canada, eh? How long did you live there? Any Top Secret information you can give us about the Great White North? Or did they kick you out before you had the chance to sneak any secrets?

Yes, I was born in a small town near Ottawa and lived there until I was 8. I left before I got the real dope on a lot of things but I did get out with a few secrets: embrace curd and get it fresh, chocolate should be made chocolate liquor instead of palm kernal oil and maple syrup is best from the tree.

I know that’s a lot of food stuff. It may be a holdover from question 3.

That’s ok, Ben. I really was hoping you’d tell me some Tim Horton trade secrets anyway. Like, what is up with their coffee and why is it so addictive???

5- Guilty pleasure favorite piece of music/song? (yes, I want the REAL guilty pleasure favorite, not the one you tell everyone cause you don’t want them to know the REAL one!)

Fine. I’ll admit it. I’ve got a Sheryl Crow song on my iPod. I’m not proud of it but I think that a song about Steve McQueen trumps the stigma attached to it.

No judging from me. As long as it wasn’t her version of “Sweet Child of Mine” we’ll all be okay. Sheryl, however, will be silently judging you from the fields. Always judging.


Well, there you have it, my hip friends…Ben(jamin) Wallace!!!

Right back, ‘attcha, Ben!

You would be doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t check out his works. No foolin’! Just don’t ask him to debate Mayo vs Miracle Whip…or offer him a half-eaten donut. 😉

Seriously…just don’t.

Hipster, out!

*drops microphone and walks into the sunset*

*cue music*


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