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The Random 5…Nikki Van De Car Edition

Holla, Hipsters!!! So, as you all know the blog is only a few months old now and the 3 editions of “The Random 5…” so far have been with 3 great peeps that I’ve known for a while on the interwebs (Troy Aaron Ratliff, Steven Luna and Peter Dawes!)…today, I bring you something a little different. Someone I just met!!! Don’t run for the door…it isn’t BAD…PROMISE!

So…I was approached by a newer friend who is doing part time book managing duties and asked if I’d be interested in reading and reviewing a book for my blog as a way to try and get this awesome book/author’s name out there on the minds of my followers (all 2 of you…yes, you! I see you!)…um…heck yeah I would!!!

Her name…Nikki Van De Car…

Look at her…all pretty and stuff!

her book…ONE WEEK

I see a train…and a guy…and a girl…and they are holding hands…I think I like where this is going…

A little more about the book in a moment…

In deciding to feature Nikki on my blog, I had to get to know her a little better. Everyone I’ve interviewed so far for “The Random 5…” is someone I’ve been talking to for more than one week (he he he…see what I did there??? I’m so clever! *shakes head*). So, when sending her an email, I asked if she had a website or basic biography I could look at to try and get to know her more and make her questions less “generic”…and man, did she deliver! Nikki is AWESOME!!! She didn’t give me some cookie cutter bio, or some basic “I like long walks on the beach…” match dot com profile.

Oh no…instead…I get a “20 facts about Nikki”!!!

1- I used to steal cheap romance novels from the library.

2- I have elf toes (they point up), but I never shop for shoes according to reality, so I have a box full of beautiful shoes I’ve basically never worn.

3- I can’t deal with seeds in food.  Olive pits, raspberries, pumpkin seeds–they’re all nails on a chalkboard.  Pomegranates are the worst.

4- I don’t believe there can ever be too much cumin.

5- I’m originally from the Big Island of Hawaii, I went to school in Minnesota, and I currently live in Jersey City, NJ

6- I still get lost in my hometown.  And every other town.

7- I’ve only ridden Amtrak once.  It was overnight, though.

8- I have a list of books that I reread every single year.

9- I used to sneak a thermos of martinis into the movie theater.

10- I hate surfing.

11- I hate skiing.

12- I like hiking though.

13- I hate touchscreens.  Or more to the point, they hate me.

14- I can knit just about anything, but I can’t sew.  At all.

15- I’m very frightened of snakes.

16- I love thunderstorms.

17- I went to a reading of my favorite author ever and was so excited about it for days in advance, and then my cellphone went off during one of my favorite passages.

18- I love twinkle lights.  I’m 31 years old, and I still have twinkle lights strung up around my house like it’s a dorm room.

19- I can be a tiny bit obsessive.

Oh, and the irony in her saying there are 20 facts and only really 19, with 19 being that she is “a tiny bit obsessive” is not lost on me at all. I couldn’t stop laughing when I was numbering them and realized it. Sorry, Nikki…not laughing at you, I promise!!! I do things like that too, all. the. time!

After having that list of things…I wanted to write more than 5 questions, but I made my rules and I have to stick to them. Right?

Well, Nikki is cool…how about the book, you ask? Well…

One week is the time this whole story takes place. One week is NOT how long it will take you to read it! As it is a short YA (That’s Young Adult to those that are not familiar) book, it only took me a total of about 6-ish hours to read…in 2 short sittings! I read the first half on the first night and the second half the next night. I loved it! Now, I know that with it being a YA book, as an adult, you may feel that it isn’t going to be something that would interest you…you’d be wrong! This book is a great book for any age (well, not my 7 year old daughter, but you get where I’m going with this…right???). I’m 32 years old and I was interested by the end of the first chapter. No, it isn’t a Jackie Collins smut-fest or a Stephen King horror, but you’ll see that even though it is YA, you won’t feel let down.

Mr. Stinson agrees…see?

A good portion of ONE WEEK takes place either on a train or a bus and involves two main characters. Bee and Jess. Bee is running away from home. Her dad has let her down time and time again and she is done giving him another chance. Jess is going home because he was in trouble at school. Two people, who had never met connected on this journey across the country where they learn about each other and themselves.

The Prologue to the book really is a great look into what the whole story is about and will instantly make you want to find out what the heck this thing is all about… “It took me six days to get to New York, and one day to get back. In those six days, I starved, I stank, I hitchhiked, I broke-and-entered, I lost my virginity, I sort of found it again, and I learned that love and hate have a lot in common, really.  In that one day that it took to come back home, I learned that all I had gone through had no point at all, except for how it meant everything to me.” If that doesn’t make you want to keep reading the book, I think you may need your head checked.

If you’d like to learn MORE about Nikki, you can find her on her Knitting Website , Book Website , Twitter , Facebook , and Goodreads. To grab this great book, ONE WEEK (in paperback OR e-book!) you can go to either or

And now…The Random 5…Nikki Van De Car Edition!


1 – You are not the first candy junkie I’ve met here in book-ville *cough*Luna*cough*. If  there was a fight between Skittles and Junior Mints, who would win? 

I define good candy by how little it resembles actual food.  So since chocolate and mint both exist in the real world, Junior Mints goes down in the first quarter.

What do you mean these don’t resemble actual food??? They are so colorful…like real fruit!!! You might want to watch out for Steven Luna…he might hurt you for taking down his Junior Mints. Ha!

What about against Red Vines?

Red Vines are a little tougher, especially since there’s an Aimee Mann song working in their favor, but the blue bag of Skittles is simply unbeatable goodness. And contains no flavor found in nature.

I was going to post a video of Aimee Mann’s song, but she sounds like she is eating a microphone while singing and I just couldn’t get through the song…sorry Mann fans! Oh, I wonder if she was eating Red Vines while singing? That would explain everything!

2 – Black and White photography or over-exposed Instagram pictures? or both? or neither?

Since I’m typing on a computer I’m not a total luddite, but I have no iPhone, and I’m basically looking forward to the day Revolution (TV show) comes to pass.  I love my Lumix digital camera though!

My name is Stephanie and I’m addicted to Instagram filters (and not on an iPhone…I have a Droid!) If you want to “follow” my Instagram pictures, I’m THEBOOKHIPSTER ! 🙂

3 – You knit?!?! Awesome!!! I do a little crochet, myself. (Hipster Note: Stay tuned for a special crochet blog post by the end of October/beginning November !!!) What is the coolest thing you’ve ever knitted? Any pictures to share with the class???

Knitting weapons

Crochet weapons

I just started trying to do colorwork, which is knitting with all these different colors and basically you have your hands full of like four strands of yarn and you’re trying not to tangle them.  It’s crazy-making. And a bit addictive.  I’m also super-proud of a sweater I designed for my baby girl when she was born.

Wow! You make babies AND sweaters!!! I love the green, too…so pretty!!! Oh, and of course…BABY!!! Awwwww!!!

4 – While writing One Week, did you have any specific actors in mind to play Bee and Jess?

Did anybody ever watch The Gilmore Girls?  (I told you I was addicted to TV).  Well, Jess is named after and basically *is* the guy that Rory cheated on Dean with, except much much nicer.  (Hipster Note: I just looked and that would be Milo Ventimiglia…I LOVED him in HEROES!!!) Bee….I don’t know.  I really like Kat Dennings.

Never watched Gilmore Girls…however, this is who I saw in my mind when I thought of Jess. Colin Morgan, from Merlin!

5 – You told me you liked the TV show “Supernatural”. (Hipster Note: I’m feeling like I’m the only person in the world not watching this show! Although, after the last time this show came up in conversation, I finally caved and said I would watch

This is just a taste of what I had to hear when I said I had never watched “Supernatural”. Just a taste! 😉

 and now have Season 1 in my possession and did start watching last night. Now to find the time to watch more of it!) If you were trying to convince someone to watch “Supernatural” what would be your biggest selling point? And no just saying “Because it is awesome!”

Well, there are hot guys who take their shirts off a lot. But mostly I think it’s hilarious.  It has this ability to laugh at itself (which is good, because it is very, very ridiculous) while still occasionally doing surprising things–it can be tongue-in-cheek but still make you cry.  I have to say, though, that it hasn’t been quite as good in recent years–as a friend of mine put it, “Supernatural, why can’t I quit you?”

Um…sorry…what? You completely lost me the second you said hot guys who take off their shirts a lot…then I found this gem!!! Shirtless AND in TOWELS!!! *runs to watch Season 1 right this minute*


Whew! Talking about hot guys in towels got me all distracted! And even as I type this all I can see is that picture I posted, so I’ll quickly wrap this thing up!

I took a chance on a book and author…loved them both! After having read ONE WEEK, I look forward to seeing what Nikki Van De Car comes up with next! Go, grab her book…now…it will be a great one to add to your collection! Also, if you are a knitter…check out her book about knitting cute baby stuff… WHAT TO KNIT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING .

For me…I’m gonna go watch some Supernatural. Later, Hipsters!


6 comments on “The Random 5…Nikki Van De Car Edition

  1. nikkivandecar
    October 5, 2012

    Ack! 19?? You know what happened–I think I deleted the one that said “I’m not very good at math.”

    • The Book Hipster
      October 5, 2012

      Bwhahaha!!! That’s awesome, Nikki!!! No, no…it’s cool…totally worked for me! 🙂 Thanks for being such a great sport for my interview. Hope you had fun!

  2. dsavannah
    October 5, 2012

    ❤ this! 🙂

  3. stevenluna
    October 6, 2012

    Aimee Mann’s song about Red Vines is my favorite song about candy…I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Great interview, kids!

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