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Books you should get…

Hey there! I’ve been working so hard trying to get my first author interview put together as well as put together questions for a few other authors, that I haven’t put together a new “Books you should get…” post. I apologize for that. Please forgive me.

Now, I’m back though, so…get your clicky finger ready and start filling your Goodreads list…here are some new recommendations from me! 🙂

NEW Release:


The follow up book to THE FALL OF BILLY HITCHINGS.

I hate to admit this for fear of losing my black rimmed glasses, but I have not read BILLY HITCHINGS or WRATH yet. I was planning on reading BILLY HITCHINGS this past weekend, but got sidetracked by crafty stuff (a super secret project I’m working on that I will blog about late in October…keep your eyes out for it!) so I didn’t even crack the tablet open to read. *gasp* I know, it saddens me too. I may have to let Kirkus punish me…maybe…within reason, of course…I break easily. 😉 However, I’ve gotten to know Kirkus in the Twitter world and he is a pretty cool guy and we’ve had a few great conversations, so just based on that and the descriptions of the books, I think they are great and you should go and get them.

Want to see those descriptions? Here they are:

THE FALL OF BILLY HITCHINGS – “John Reeves, an ex-Marine, drives to Myrtle Beach hoping to repair a damaged relationship with his fiancée. Instead, he finds her unconscious in the hospital, the victim of an unexplained explosion at a local restaurant. Reeves meets Billy Hitchings, a teenager who knows more about the explosion than he should. Their questions lead to an ancient legacy best left alone. Pulled into yet another crossfire, John Reeves fights to protect his friends and keep a primeval power from falling into the wrong hands.”

WRATH – “John Reeves moves back to his childhood home and takes an easy job as a Private Investigator with an old high school friend. A grieving widow asks for help when the medical examiner unofficially labels her husband’s bizarre death a suicide. John joins his brother Alan, a local police officer, to learn why the town’s residents keep dying horrific deaths at a breakneck pace.”

Sound pretty cool, huh? They give me a little bit of a Lawrence Block (@LawrenceBlock), Matthew Scudder Series vibe. Check those out too, if you haven’t read them before. I’ve read the first 7 of them!

FREEBIE Shoutout:

Today’s FREEBIE Shoutout was actually one that I found out about on Twitter (yes, I spend a lot of time on Twitter…and Facebook. *blush*) from someone I will be mentioning in my “Just because it is AWESOME” spot today…Peter Dawes. Because I’m still pretty new at this blogging thing and these book recommendation posts are still very, very new (this is only my 2nd one!), I’m learning I need to time them a bit better and do more research beforehand. I was afraid I wasn’t going to have a good FREEBIE for you to run out at get…but then…I asked Peter if he had known of any…

SANDPAPER FIDELITY is a weekly drama that is released for Kindle every Tuesday. And this Tuesday (TODAY, the 28th!) Elizabeth is offering the first six…yes SIX issues for FREE…all cause it is her birthday! So, what better way to wish her a Happy Birthday, than to go pick up her stuff and read it! I know I plan on doing it…Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!! Go here for the Special Offers Page.

Just because it is AWESOME:

(Kindle) (Nook) (Paperback)

I read this one a while ago (like, I think May?) and I immediately enjoyed it! It has vampires that actually act like vampires…you know…actual, non-sparkly, emo vampires! This is not like the other vampire-ish books I’ve recommended on my site before. This falls into the “Dark Fantasy” column and isn’t as light-hearted as others I’ve talked about, so don’t go into it thinking otherwise. Vampire Flynn is seriously not kidding around. 😉

Recently, a follow up to EYES OF THE SEER was released… REBIRTH OF THE SEER …I haven’t read it yet as I loaned out my copy to a friend who was excited in reading it, but I look forward to seeing what has been happening with Vampire Flynn since we last heard from him. So, go pick that up too while you are at it. I’m sure you will be happy you did so you can read both books back to back!

As for the author…Peter Dawes is an amazing person and has become a good friend in the Twittersphere since we met. We share a love of Eddie Izzard and speaking in random French phrases. And he has GREAT taste in music! And I hope he doesn’t mind that I put him on my blog without asking first. *blows kiss*


  • Also, as mentioned in my very first “The Random 5…“, Troy Aaron Ratliff’s (@TARatliff) Novella JUST PAST THE TREES came out last week. Go read the interview if you want to know more about the novella and Troy!!!


There you have it! Some more great recommendations! I hope you take the time to enjoy them and if you are on Twitter, catch up with the authors afterward and tell them how much you loved their stuff! Also, go and write reviews. I’ve done a few and it makes the authors so happy! I need to catch up though and do some more. Just not enough time it feels like. 😦  Either way…have a great Tuesday!!! xoxo


7 comments on “Books you should get…

  1. EllieAnn
    August 28, 2012

    sandpaper fidelity is a great concept. I like it that books are copying TV shows, in a way. Serial fiction is a fun genre.

    • The Book Hipster
      August 28, 2012

      I thought it was a pretty cool concept too! I’m looking forward to checking it out!

    • Elizabeth Barone
      August 28, 2012

      You guys made me smile! 😀

      Thanks again, Stephanie, for featuring Sandpaper Fidelity!

      • The Book Hipster
        August 28, 2012

        You are welcome! I’m happy that Peter Dawes recommended you to me! I look forward to checking out your series soon. 🙂

  2. Woohoo! Thanks for taking the time to share the Wrath and Billy Hitchings info! Much appreciated.

    I won’t punish you too much. I may cry a little on the inside though…

    Haha, thanks again Stephanie. You rock!


    • The Book Hipster
      August 28, 2012

      Ha ha ha…thanks for taking it easy on me this time. I will read them…I PROMISE!!! I just got tied up (ha ha!!!) in this crafty project. I’m easily sidetracked. Don’t cry!!! *hug* Soon, I’ll have to start thinking of some questions so I can make you a victim…er…spotlight in my “The Random 5…”. *grins*

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