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Disney: Day 1 – Epcot…

Well, well, well…here we are…my first official Disney post…I’ll try not to go too crazy, ok? Mostly cause this not only will kill my brain cells to write, but probably yours to read. *snicker* Ok, not really, but I’ll try NOT to make these super duper long. I’ll skip the non-exciting parts…Pinky swear!

Monday, August 6, 2012…alarm goes off at 3am…yes, 3am! We need to leave the apartment by 4am here people! Luckily, there is a Dunkin’ Donuts down the road, so as Matt and Jillian were getting ready, I ran and grabbed donuts and coffee. Mmmm…coffee…

Sweet, sweet iced coffee…I’m sorry…what were you saying?

And…we’re off! Other than the Kidlet squealed like she was on a roller coaster at take-off the flight was pretty boring (I’m NOT complaining!) and before we knew it, we had landed in Orlando!

The Book Hipster and Mini Hipster

One of the perks to the planning we had done ahead of time, we were going to be picked up at the airport by Disney themselves. And we didn’t have to even grab our own luggage! They picked it up for us and took it to our hotel room!!! Bonus!!!

We be All Stars!

Now, we are officially on our way to Disney World!!! On a bus!

Mickey is welcoming us with open arms…awwwww!

And after all the worries we had that Kidlet would not be excited about this trip to Disney…a crazy thing happened. When I told her we had passed the gates onto the Disney property…she got giggly! 🙂


All right…that’s enough blah, blah, blah…we’re at the hotel…checked in…btw, we stayed at the All-Stars Movie Resort…highly recommend it! It is basically a fancy schmancy Hotel 8, but that is really all you need unless you plan on spending the whole time in your hotel room. And you are at Disney, so why the heck would you do that???

Look a pool!

Our hotel…Fantasia area…The Steadfast Tin Soldier…Kidlet was obsessed with finding the one with 1/2 a leg. 😉

Other half of the hotel.

Every day, we had to wait at the hotel’s bus stop area for our ride to the individual parks. It was hot, but it was really nice to not have to deal with having a car onsite.

Now boarding…

All caught up??? Ok…let’s head to Epcot!!!


And the sky opened up…and the sun shone down…angels may have sang too, I can’t remember.

Breathe it in people…isn’t it magnificent??? Spaceship Earth, or as I kept calling it “The Globe”. You guys, I’m not even kidding when I say I wept like a baby. It was so overwhelming for me. All the planning and fretting and worrying…we were here! And I couldn’t handle it. I’m actually tearing up just typing this. Hold on…I need a tissue…ok…I’m back…like I was saying. Crying, people…real tears of happiness!!! And this wasn’t the first time during the trip, but I’ll tell you more about that when it comes time. 😉

More pics? Ok…

It is like a postcard!

Another postcard worthy picture…I’m good!

Last one, I promise…sorry…it is just so stinking AWESOME!!!

We didn’t just go stare at the globe…true story! One of the “must do” on Mr. Book Hipster’s list was Michael Jackson’s “Captain EO”. While I was hesitant to do it…it is his vacation too, so I did it. It was pretty cool! And Angelica Houston is in it!!!

Isn’t he adorable?!?!!??!

This was not the only 3D movie/ride we went to see on our whole trip. I don’t normally do well with 3D. My eyes don’t want to focus correctly and I usually walk away disappointed. The Disney 3D stuff wasn’t too bad for me. Only a handful of times I had to close my eyes to regroup. 😉

Now, the fun part with the 3D stuff…water squirts, air puffs and whatnot!!! We were not expecting it, and it was hilarious to hear Jillian’s reaction to it. We had to explain to her that it was just water and not to fret too much about it. So, then after every single ride like that she would repeat to us…it’s just water and will dry…ha ha ha!!!

la la la la…I can’t hear you!!!

So, we did the “Daddy” ride…next was a “Kidlet” ride…Nemo!

Finding Nemo, huh? Well, guess what??? I found him…look!!!

Fish are Friends, not Food. What about Kidlets?

Nearby, we got to meet some cool people…er…animals…er…characters…


Donald Duck!

And not too much later…

She really is practically perfect in every way…look at her feet…I love it!!!

After a couple quick (that is a joke, btw…the wait times for character signing should be outlawed!) autographs, we were on our way to go search out more of Epcot and all it had to offer. I’ve got lots of pictures…I’ll just post a couple…





*claps* Look at the composition of this picture…give this girl an award! *giggle*

Needs to be Blue…and a Police Box…and have David Tennant in it…and Rose Tyler…and Superman.

Ok, sorry about that…that was more than a couple. I got carried away. So many great pictures to choose from!

As if the day wasn’t awesome enough, while we were taking pictures in this TARDIS…er…I mean Telephone booth, we saw SNOW WHITE!!! So, more waiting for an autograph…Totally worth it to get this picture though!

Can you see the smile on the Kidlet’s face??? Can you???

Kidlet LOVES Snow White! A couple years ago, she even was Snow White for Halloween…

Awwwww…the fairest one of all!

Look at how widdle she is…omg…too much cuteness!!!

*sniff* Sorry…tearing up a little looking at those pictures of my baby girl…

So, after Snow White, we were off to dinner…Teppan Edo!

Teppan Edo is kind of like a Benihana type place except probably more Disney-riffic or something. We were seated at a grill with a gentlemen couple with 2 kids. I kept catching the one guy (who coincidently looked like Greg Grunberg ) staring at me. I’m not sure what his deal was, but it was annoying…I felt like he was judging me, silently, although, I don’t know why. Maybe he recognized me from this blog…already!?!?!! *snicker* Anyway…dinner…was…amazing! I had Filet Minion, Kidlet had Chicken and Mr. Book Hipster had some other steak…mmmmm…all good! I highly recommend Teppan Edo if you have the chance to go there! (Disney Tip: Mealplan…when you are doing your trip planning…do the Meal Plan…you will NOT regret it!)

Time for fireworks! Or so we thought…

As we were leaving Teppan Edo it began to sprinkle…then rain…then rain some more…and harder! The fireworks were going on, but were so loud (aside from the rain factor…btw, if you ever go to Disney…pack PONCHOS! And carry them with you every day!!!) that we just decided to book it to the buses and get back to the hotel to dry off.

Bus ride home was awesome…the driver was so funny and kept us all highly amused the whole way considering we were all soaked to the tips of our toes. I wish I could remember what his name was because I would write him a huge recommendation letter or something equally as awesome as I don’t think another bus driver we had the whole time was as awesome.

Back at the hotel…we all got showered and changed into dry clothes…set the kidlet up with tv and Mr. Book Hipster and I watched True Blood on his tablet.

Day 1…Epcot…was a success…if you don’t count the rain. And I try not to count it as part of the trip. 😉

Day 2…Hollywood Studios…that’s another post for another day…


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