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When you wish upon a star…

So, today is the day we’ve been waiting for in the Book Hipster household…the day we tell the Kidlet that we’re going to Disney World!!!

This family vacation has technically been in the works for at least a year. We were not always going to Disney World, but we knew that this summer we wanted to do a real family vacation. Not just visiting family back in Michigan like we normally do every year. Sorry, family, we love you and all, but…

See, Mr. Book Hipster (@stmfuller) and myself got married September 14, 2002, so this coming September we’ll have been married for 10 years…10 WHOLE years!!! That’s a long time!!! We never did a honeymoon, so Mr. Book Hipster got it in his cute little head that we needed to do something extra special for our 10 year anniversary. Cool, huh? Yeah, except at the time, I was not into the idea of a huge vacation. Mr. Book Hipster…yeah, he wanted to go to Hawaii!!!

Fast Forward…we decide to do something small in August (as Mr. Book Hipster will be out of school for the month, and the Kidlet hasn’t started back up yet)…in Michigan…that involved us having a few days to ourselves, but then a few days with the kidlet that involved camping (we are apparently a “camping” family now as we’ve done it once *snicker*) as a family. Yay…vacation is decided! Or so I thought…

Little did I know, Mr. Book Hipster was researching Disney World! He pulls me aside one night and starts telling me all about what he has found. I’m instantly excited at the thought…I had gone to Disneyland, when I was 14, but had never been to Disney World…

The Book Hipster – Age 14

Go ahead and laugh…I’ll allow it this one time. 😛

Plans are changed and moving fast! Come to find out a friend I have is what you call a “Mouse Counselor” (AKA…Disney Travel Agent) and we hook up with her to see about getting the biggest bang for our buck. And boy did she deliver! We’re going to be there 5 Days, 4 Nights!!! And I found a killer deal on plane tickets, so woohoo…no driving to Florida!!!  ETA: My friend’s name is Treena – Here is her email if you are interested in using her services to book your own Disney vacations

Anyway, we leave in 2 days…2 DAYS!!! So, today and tomorrow are going to be jam packed with last minute stuff (including a viewing of the new BATMAN movie tonight with Mr. Book Hipster…he he he) and then very early Monday morning we’ll trudge our way to the airport as giddy as we can possibly be at 4am…yes, 4am…our flight is at 6!!! And we’ll be at Disney World by 9am, baby!!!

Just a warning, I will more than likely not post in the next week at all. Unless something spectacularly awesome happens while I’m in the “House of Mouse” (like Prince Charming asks me to run away with him…shhhhh) Don’t be sad and please don’t forget about the blog…I’m still starting out and don’t want to lose you just yet! 😉 And I did download WordPress on my phone, so I will have access (um…I’m not obsessed much, really, I’m not…just trying to do the blogging thing right).

So, why am I telling you about this awesome vacation that you don’t get to go on???? Go back to the very first line of this post…re-read it…go on, I’ll wait *whistles*…ok? You’re back? Well…we’re telling the Kidlet where we’re going on vacation…and I’m going to attempt to videotape it on my phone so I can share her reaction with all of my friends and family. If it was successful in awesomeness, you’ll find it right…here…

Witness the excitement! BTW, that is me talking…and laughing…and giggling…sorry, I forgot to turn my notifications off first a couple tweets snuck their way in Bzzwise…ha ha ha!

If there is no video…it means that she either had a meltdown of epic non-awesome proportions or was so non-plussed (is that a real word???) that the video would be ZZZZZZzzzzzz…

ETA: Ok…she was totally not excited about it…but as you can see, I’ve posted the video anyway…ha ha ha!!!

So…I’ve just won the SuperBowl and “I’m Going to Disney World!!!”…woohoo!!!


3 comments on “When you wish upon a star…

  1. JesseJamesFreeman
    August 4, 2012

    I’d have been jumping up and down on that couch like Tom Cruise at Oprah.

  2. boy&horse
    August 5, 2012

    Being around kids, I totally understand being nonchalant… does anyone know how to act chalantly?

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